DFW is Hot!

DFW is Hot!

Found this very interesting article on the Dallas Regional Chamber website about our hot business market.

Infographic of the Week: Migration Patterns

By: Eric Griffin, Director of Business Information and Research
APRIL 9, 2015

It’s no secret that Dallas-Fort Worth is on the radar for businesses outside our region looking to relocate. Just ask one of the 60+ companies that have shopped around the country for a new headquarters home in the last five years and discovered what we already know – DFW has it all. Our convenient central location (in the U.S., North America, and the world); efficient transportation networks; five major sports teams; top-notch arts venues; and diverse cultures, communities, and ideas are several reasons why businesses are bringing their operations and employees to a place that offers great work-life balance opportunities.

But it’s not just headquarters relocations that are attracting people to DFW. Individuals and families are coming here on their own whether it’s to join our robust and innovative startup community, to seek employment opportunities with one of 18 Fortune 500 companies, or simply to take advantage of great home values. Our region’s home values are 45 percent lower than Chicago, 63 percent lower than Los Angeles, and 83 percent lower than New York, so it’s no coincidence that the top net imports of new residents to DFW came from Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York considering our across-the-board lower cost of living.

View more articles about DFW at https://www.dallaschamber.org/

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